Stephanie Bice
Won’t Work
For Us

During a crisis like this, Oklahomans need leaders we can count on in Congress. But Stephanie Bice won’t work for us. She’s too busy working for herself.

Bice failed to support our teachers

Bice voted for legislation to let school administrators cut teachers’ pay, their retirement, and their health coverage. As essential workers on the front lines of the pandemic, teachers need our support more than ever. Bice has already proven she won’t look out for them.

But she made sure to take care of herself

While hundreds of thousands of Oklahomans lost their jobs in the COVID crisis and in the midst of state budget cuts, Bice voted for a budget to raise her own salary as a state senator.

We can’t count on Bice to protect our health care

While Bice’s party leaders press forward with a lawsuit that would take away health insurance from millions of Americans, raise premiums for Oklahomans, and gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions (including coronavirus), Bice has stayed silent and refuses to advocate for vulnerable Oklahomans.


We can’t trust Stephanie Bice to stand up for Oklahomans, because she only looks out for herself.

Spread the word about how Stephanie Bice looks out for herself instead of Oklahomans.

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